# Project 4: Movie Watchlist

In this final project, you'll build a complete web app that uses everything you've learned and introduces some new topics:

  • CSS Variables and dark mode
  • Use WTForms to build and validate form data in Python
  • Edit your models with pre-populated forms
  • Add usable in-page features like movie ratings or last watched dates without requiring a form for each
  • Design and implement simple HTML that looks amazing, very quickly and easily
  • Explore potential new features and how to plan them using GitHub
  • Use icons and SVGs easily by including them as Jinja macros

I would encourage you to go through this project carefully, and then make it yours. Add more features, expand what it can do, and put it in your GitHub profile and your portfolio.

This is a project that can really impress when you're doing your interviews, if you take your time with it and plan, design, and implement some of your own features into it.